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Meet the Team

Bernie McAteer

General Manager, Emperor Maldives
Bernie McAteer

I have worked at Emperor Divers since November 2012 when I started in the Red Sea as manager of the Marsa Alam dive centre. I then moved to the Maldives to become General Manager of Emperor Maldives in September 2015. Managing the operations, logistics and dry docks for the company's five liveaboards is one of the many jobs I am responsible for.

As a PADI IDC staff instructor and TDI Advanced Trimix diver I enjoy all aspects of the sport and like trying new skills and techniques so that I am always improving.

There are way too many highlights to choose one favourite; the manta cleaning stations are right up there as are the whale sharks and so much more.

Away from the Maldives, I have loved the wrecks of south west England, the humpbacks of Socorro and macro in Lembeh Strait; I really don't need much of an excuse to jump in the water. Simply descending under the surface has always been enough to keep me coming back for more.

Prior to joining Emperor, I worked for a variety of dive companies in Thailand, UAE, Malaysia and Indonesia, all of which gave me valuable experience of the industry.

Join us and see for yourself just how great it is to visit and dive the Maldives.

Maria Tello & Gabriel Hermida

Emperor Maldives Dive Guides
Maria and Gabriel

We are Gabriel and Maria, the new dive guides for Emperor Maldives. We are from Argentina and started our dive careers 17 years ago and soon became PADI Instructors, opening a dive centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina; however, our aim was always to work on liveaboards.

Having been managers in large corporations, I (Maria) have a Bachelor of Marketing and I (Gabriel) am a Systems Engineer. When we started our diving courses we discovered our passion for scuba diving and decided to leave everything behind to follow our dream.

We have dived in Argentina, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Thailand, Sipadan, Egypt, Sudan and Maldives. We moved to Egypt in 2006 and have been working on the Egyptian and Sudanese Red Sea for eight years.

With a huge experience on liveaboards, we have done more than 300 trips with more than 5000 dives logged and worked on well-known Red Sea fleet companies such as Emperor Divers, Sea Serpent, Blu Sudan and Blue o Two Maldives. We are PADI, SDI and TDI Technical Instructors and I (Gabriel) love to dive with my Kiss rebreather whilst surrounded by sharks.

We love our job, taking care of the marine life and sharing our knowledge with guests. We use every dive to clean a bit the reef, if it is possible, to help the environment.

Whilst working in Sudan, we promoted laws against shark fishing and reef awareness. As a result, the Sudanese government opened new marine protected parks and created a law against shark finning.

We love guiding and spotting the small and big stuff. Dive guiding is not our job, it's our passion. We are happy to come back to the Emperor family and to meet our friends in the Maldives again whilst looking forward to making new ones with our guests.

Nuria Bufort Costa & Yaqui Mennes Pine

Emperor Maldives Dive Guides
Nuria and Yaqui

Somos Nuria y Yaqui. Dos enamorados del mar y de la vida, que hicimos de nuestra ilusión una profesión y de nuestra profesión una pasión. Después de muchos años de experiencia como Instructores PADI y managers / propietario de un centro de buceo en el Mediterráneo, guiando y certificando a cientos de buceadores, y con incontables inmersiones a nuestras espaldas, decidimos que ya era hora de un cambio de aires y nos lanzamos a la aventura en uno de nuestros destinos de aguas cálidas favoritos, las Maldivas, de la mano de Emperor Divers. Ya los conocíamos de años anteriores como clientes y siempre han destacado por su alto nivel y profesionalidad, por lo que ahora estamos encantados de formar parte de esta gran familia. Compártela con nosotros, ven a conocernos y déjate sorprender!

We are Nuria and Yaqui, two lovers of the sea life who made our dream our profession and passion. After many years of experience as PADI instructors and managers/owners of a dive centre in the Mediterranean, we have guided and certified hundreds of divers.

However, with so much diving, we decided it was time for a change of scenery and started a new adventure in one of our favourite warm water destinations, the Maldives, hand-in-hand with Emperor Divers.

We already knew them having dived as clients in previous years and respect the way Emperor has always stood out for their high service levels and professionalism; we are delighted to be part of this great family.

Share it with us; come and join us and let yourself be enjoy a superb diving experience.

Andrea Schumacher

Emperor Maldives Dive Guide
Andrea Schumacher

"The Sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever."

Jacques Cousteau

Ever since I discovered diving in 2002, I truly believed that being in the blue ocean is my true calling which, in turn, now has become my LIFE!

It's in 2006 that I first visited the Maldives and in the very first instance the way the Indian Ocean tightly gathered me with its arms, I realised "this is it".

I have dived in some of the most exquisite places in this beautiful world starting from my home country Switzerland to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Australia and pretty much all over South East Asia.

As scuba diving is my true passion, I had put in all the hard work required to become an instructor and was given amazing opportunities in the past to lead as a dive guide, instructor, dive shop manager and tour-leader on liveaboards, which has given me all the experience and knowledge to work with Emperor Divers Maldives - The Diver's Choice!

Diving in the Maldives in the past few years is an everyday highlight and right now I cannot imagine to be anywhere else but here in my home - the Maldives with my Emperor family.

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